Friday, December 18, 2009

Superhero Bouncer Comix!!!


The promised graphic novel project is underway, and the first installment is complete, and ready for your perusal.

Misplaced is still working out some of the kinks, for example I will NOT be able to actually publish it here on the blog, but I will be using the blog as the portal to the graphic novel, and the direct link to it will be provided here each Friday afternoon. My game plan is to publish a new installment of the story each Friday afternoon. Those of you being used as characters in the story will begin seeing yourselves starting with next Friday's installment.

For this inaugural Friday installment, I was unable to get it set up in the "page turning" format I am planning on using in future installments, so for now, it is available as a slideshow.

Below, I have provided a direct link that you may use after reading the following instructions, the instructions are to save you frustration in reading the first installment:

1. Click the link provided below.
2. As soon as the page opens, click on the "pause" button you see in the lower left corner otherwise, the slides will automatically advance and it just moves too quickly, even on the "slow" setting.
3. To advance to the next page, move your cursor to the black area to the right of the page and click once.

Hopefully, I'll have the "page turning" format ready next Friday.

That's it! Feedback is welcome as always, leave your comments (if any) here on this page.

See you Monday.


  1. Cool, indeed. Nice work. :) WW

  2. Jonathan,




    Great job man! Already looking forward to next week!!!!!!!!