Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shiny, Happy Entry Day

After yesterday's unpleasantness from Misplaced, I am following through on my promise for a shiny, happy post today.

Which leads to today's picture. What could be shinier and happier than a photo of a puppy?

A photo of a sleeping puppy! Which, by the way is a photo of Turner as a pup, courtesy of Stephen and Jessica. (Minnesota Jessica, not New York Jessica to avoid any confusion)

Continuing with the German Shepherd and puppy theme, here's a video of what may be the most tolerant German Shepherd in the world:
***** We Interrupt "Shiny Happy Entry Day" for the following:*****

That's going to be all for today. After I posted yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak to three of my readers, who I don't think will mind being identified.

First, I spoke to Minnesota Jessica, who called mere minutes after I posted while I was getting ready to walk Victor and Roxie.

She said: "You seem pretty pissed off at Anonymous... Is there going to be gunfire?"


There is not going to be gunfire.

Next on the phone was Margot.

She said: "Man I sure wouldn't want to be Anonymous..."

I wouldn't want to be Anonymous either. Karma is a BITCH.

Next was Tara, who I must admit gives good advice, and has the added advantage of falling into the MILF category.

She said: "You're definitely bitter."


Yes I am.

And I have every right to be.

Screw shiny and happy, I have a right to be pissed at the Pollyanna attitude that some people insist on being the basis of their lives. Especially the ones that project the image of happiness and light, when they're really quite simply devious and controlling.

See you tomorrow. Lord only knows what I'll say next, but it's ALL coming out now. If you've done me wrong, keep your head down. If you haven't, pull up a chair and enjoy some good old-fashioned Jonathan speaking his mind shit.


  1. Well...this is gonna be leftovers from yesterday's blog. After living here for 19 yrs., I feel experienced enough to agree that the majority of Minnesotans are indeed "real" as anonymous stated. Real connected to their own families, real tied to their private weekends at their cabins, real tight with their high school buddies. I do indeed have friends here that are native Minnesotans, but even as friends, there's a subtle difference in their closeness to those that are outside of their "real" circles. As I have told Jonathan, being a Southern girl, I grew up knowing that you are only a stranger for a short time...give us 5 minutes and you become family. Shared sunday dinners and everything. Not here. It can be a very lonely place.

    And by the way...bitterness can be lovely. I believe that by tasting bitterness, you learn to appreciate true sweetness.

    Gag. How freakin' sappy. But you know it's true! We all love a little sugar in our lives.

    With Real honesty....Tara (but you can call me sugar)

  2. I keep telling Bryan that I want a German Shepherd ... when I was a baby, my dad had one and he had a second one given to him when I was a teen (he then lost the dog in the divorce).

    Maddie, the second shepherd, was very similar to this dog in the video, especially when it came to my one cat, Z. She was so gentle with her, even though Z wasn't excatly gentle with Maddie. In Z's defense, she really didn't like it when Maddie sniffed her butt. That was claw in the nose worthy to her. But Maddie never retaliated. She just stopped looking at Z when Z was looking. :)

    People often are so afraid of these dogs and there's really no reason ... unless you mess with their owners, that is.