Friday, March 12, 2010

Is THAT All You've Got???

After yesterday's mild entertainment courtesy of Lynn Christiansen Esquer, the "crackerjack writer" and Intellectual Property expert that is the brains behind that juggernaut of blogs known as Bloggapalooza. Misplaced arose this morning, grabbed a coffee, and eagerly awaited the promised contact from that blogger's powerful and fearsome legal machine.

Yesterday, after the Lynnster informed me that I had "72 hours" to remove content that she claimed was "stolen" from her, I immediately contacted her and told her that I was waiving her 72-hour "grace period" and directed her to have her lawyers contact me immediately.

I also informed her that if I did not hear from them by the close of business Central Standard Time, the I would take it upon myself to contact them at my earliest convenience.

Well... 5PM CST has come and gone and I've heard nothing from her lawyers.





Why am I not surprised?

Instead, it appears that the sweet and lovely Lynnarama has decided to take the battle to her blog, which Misplaced finds amusing for several reasons, not the least of which is the petulant, wheedling tone in her entry that is about Misplaced, but never mentions Misplaced.

Now, I've given you a link to her blog above, but before any of you dare venture into her realm, I suggest that you read the following very carefully:

Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved

"All content in this blog created by the blog owner is the property of the blog owner and protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and cannot be stored on any retrieval system, reproduced, reposted, displayed, modified or transmitted in any form, electronic or otherwise without written permission of the copyright owner except as noted below.

A brief excerpt of content (up to 50 words) may be quoted as long as a link is provided back to the source page on this blog and the authorship is correctly attributed."

Now the above is taken directly from from the Lynnarewski's blog, so excuse me whilst I take care of some legal business:

Everything between the quotation marks in the paragraph above is the Intellectual Property of Lynn Christiansen Esquer (AKA Sweet Lynnie Baby). Any rebroadcast, retransmission, or account of this blog, without the express written consent of Major League Baseball, is prohibited.

Now Lynn, (who's almost hot enough to be a MILF) went so far as to badmouth me to her Facebook and Twitter friends.

Twitter, I don't so much care about. Any online service that claims Ashton Kutcher as one of it's heaviest users is certainly not going to be high on my list of useful media sources.

Facebook, on the other hand is a useful tool for bloggers with the advent of Networked Blogs, which is how a good-sized chunk of my daily readership accesses my blog. It turns out that Lynn (sexy beast that she is) also utilizes Networked blogs, and looking at her network stats, I can see that she has exactly ONE follower... who on closer inspection turns out to be a user named... Lynn Christiansen Esquer.


For just a split second, I felt bad, but I'm over it now.

Since LynnLynn Bo Binn Banana Fana Fo Finn plasters a link to her Facebook page everywhere she has an "established" presence, it was only a matter of seconds before I was perusing said page and trying to find out what made her tick, and WHY she has such an enormous stick shoved up what I'm guessing is probably a well-toned and thoroughly magnificent ass, even though she's a mother of two.

I noticed that she had taken her whining to her Facebook page as well, I also noticed that I had the ability to respond to her comment, which I did. I'm going to guess that a few of my readers must have also availed themselves of the opportunity to leave her a comment, because an hour or two later, I tried to go back to homegirl's page and was intrigued to discover that Facebook was telling me her page "no longer existed".


She blocked me.

After I picked myself up off of the floor, (where I had fallen from laughing so hard) I considered what it all meant.

Apparently, I struck a nerve, because before she went to bed last night, she made it a point to post an entry about ME without actually mentioning me, because at this point that LAST thing she wants to do is drive any traffic to my blog.

After reading her entry, (which she adorned with what I can only assume is a pirate ship) I realized that I am not only dealing with an individual who has a Don Quixote complex, but she went do far as to grossly misquote me, as evidenced in the excerpt from her blog:

"He refused to pull down the verbiage in question, or simply attribute it to me. His argument: Everyone steals everyone else’s ideas, so everything’s game."
(Copyright © 2010 Lynn Christiansen Esquer All Rights Reserved - Just covering my ass.)

Blocked on Facebook...

What's the matter Lynn?

Don't you love me anymore??

And where's the phone call from your lawyers? I know you're in San Francisco, but you'd think your legal representation could take a break from taking bong-hits and playing hacky-sack long enough to deal with the subject of my alleged plagiarism.

Whatever... Stay tuned and see what happens next. I'm guessing that she's probably just hard-headed enough to continue to push the issue... and it's been a long time since I've chewed up a West Coast lawyer, so I'm looking forward to it. They're the most fun to disembowel when it comes to Federal Law.

So Lynn... I eagerly await your next move.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
See you Monday... bring popcorn!


  1. Jonathan, you should be doing sketch comedy.

  2. I read her blog today. Holy shit, what a fucking whiney bitch. If that's the best she can do in light of such a serious accusation, she can only hope you'll get bored with her in a few days and let her go back to her pathetic existence.

    I am dumbfounded that she would actually threaten you with legal action. I guess she'll find out who exactly it is shes dealing with the hard way.

  3. You're kidding me... She threatened you with lawyers?

    That's like threatening someone holding a fire hose with a lit match! I'll bet a year's pay that she doesn't have the slightest clue that you could easily turn around and hammer her for defamation after you dispose of her ridiculous copyright infringement suit, not to mention that you'd obviously hit her for your court fees and legal costs. I'll go so far as to guess that she doesn't even know that as a defendant in any such suit, YOU would have first choice of venue, which I'm guessing means that you'd pick your home turf of New York.

    I can't wait to read the details of your conversation with her lawyer... if it ever happens, that is.