Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something A Little Less Serious


You weren't dreaming. Misplaced In The Midwest is back, and better than ever. After suffering SEVEN MONTHS of the most severe case of Writer's Block I have ever experienced, a recent trip up north to Duluth somehow "reactivated" my "writer's gene". (which I obviously got from my natural father's side...)

The book I was talking about trying to write? The outline is just about done, and I'm ready to start fleshing it out... A friend who also attended the Tehran American School at the same time my family was in Iran recently published a novel about the exploits of a Third Culture Kid called "Sons Of The Great Satan". It's a good read, and will probably give some of you insight into what makes me tick, and why I think the way I do... my past has been something that only another Third Culture Kid could understand, or relate to.

I should be heading back up to Duluth in 2 or 3 weeks for the purpose of getting the first three or four chapters finished... it seems that Duluth does for me what Maine does for Stephen King, and I plan to fully exploit whatever it is up there that dislodged whatever it was that was keeping me from writing anything GOOD.

Since I started off my return with a couple of not-so-happy articles, all I'm giving you today is the announcement that the book is finally underway, and this interesting short film:

Regular article tomorrow.

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