Monday, September 27, 2010

Dog Soldier Report - Truth Part 3

Today Misplaced In The Midwest brings you the final installment of the latest Dog Soldier Report. The text is his, but the photographs are mine.

It wasn't an easy decision to include the photo above, but I believe it's my duty to put a human face on this war. There is a human cost after all.

The Hard Swallow - Fascist Fact or Fiction? Afghanistan, The Reality Behind The Myth - Conclusion

Afghanistan has an extremely strategic location. It borders several countries in Brzezinski's "Eurasian Balkans" that he's so concerned about. It's a fantastic asset to any power who wishes to keep the Middle East in "check". Afghanistan is the perfect location to build bases for military aspirations in the region. For example, Iran. Which in case you haven't been paying attention, is next on the Globalist agenda. Iran now finds itself between a rock and a hard place. Wedged between Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iran is now bordered by U.S. military bases on two sides of the country. As if that doesn't paint a grim enough skyline for the Iranians to look at, U.S. Military and covert ops presence in Afghanistan is used to influence and coerce unstable military factions in the region to do some of their dirty work for them. Control over Afghanistan (and a HUGE U.S. black ops budget) is being used to create militants to threaten stability in Iran. One million of the Baluchi people live in Afghanistan. Currently the US funds Baluchi separatists to wreak havoc in Iran. Haven't heard about that on the nightly news reports(propaganda) have you? Now mix that with the fact that the country is now full of U.S. military bases. Training and supplies at the finger tips or your rivals enemies, improving their effectiveness at undermining stability in strategic boarder areas. Whittling away at the infrastructure and spreading out troops, preventing any build ups or fortification by creating the need for constant movement. Kinda hard to beat that when you want to create a loosely defended border that's easily over run isn't it?
Oh wait, I forgot, they also get to deny everything in the process and report what ever they want to the folks back home. Folks who are so busy flying the flag and believing what they're told(because we're the good guys right?) they've become blind to the facts. They don't, "Hate us because our freedom" as our former president hammered into our collective consciousness. They hate us because their land is drenched in the blood of their children. They hate us because they are surrounded by murdered countrymen. They hate because their only "crime" is being in the way of the aspirations of the globalists who secretly guide this callous war machine lubricating it's gears with the blood of innocents. Their blood.
Afghanistan is also vital in terms of oil distribution. Unocal and other outside interest oil companies tried to build a pipeline through the nation, but the Taliban refused to allow this. At the time of the invasion it was well known fact that China was in approved negotiations with the country. There would have been a pipeline from the oil fields of the Middle East directly into the heart of China by the end of 2003. Something the U.S., Israel and it's allies could not have(In case you weren't aware, China is the new "U.S.S.R"). According to foreign intelligence sources quoted in the U.K. Sun Times last year, the possibility of the deal being signed and the rumor that it was very very close to it, was what moved Afghanistan to the top of the cue. The invasion was originally planned after the intended ousting of C.I.A. operative/ President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. Iraq was to bear the initial brunt of the wave of blind patriotism after 9/11, 2001. That's right kids, something the foreign press put out that we where never privy to. If the deal which was non military in nature, would have been inked, the new governing body in the view of international law would be bound to the agreements made. Not to say that there isn't a pipeline in this new Afghanistan, there is a pipeline. A pipeline that goes no where near China or any of it's allies. Unocal , as I stated earlier, was the main candidate for a pipeline deal through the nation. Unocal ended up with the deal after we "adjusted the political climate of the region". Afghanistan president, Hamid Karzai, by the way is reported to have worked for Unocal, according to the French press. After all, if one of the main reasons your unjustly invading a country is to control the oil, who better for president than an oil executive?
Afghanistan itself is rich in natural resources. In 2002, the US Geological Survey published a list of more than 1000 deposits, mines, and occurrences in Afghanistan to confirm the country's wealth of mineral and hydrocarbon resources. Among the minerals found in abundance are gold, copper, iron, mercury, lead, and rare metals such as cesium, lithium, niobium, and tantalum. Tantalum, which is also known as coltan, is a rare element essential in the manufacture of cell phones, computers, and digital cameras. Lithium is necessary for high-tech batteries, specialty glasses and ceramics, and for some high-performance metal alloys. Niobium is used in steel alloys. In short, TRILLIONS of dollars of untapped wealth for those in positions to align the deals and over see who gets the opportunities. As part of its economic liberalization and privatization strategy, USAID is directing the sale of every Afghan state enterprise in resource extraction( as well as transportation, communications and manufacturing). In one example of the ongoing rape of the countries resources by outside interests, in October 2006, the British Agencies Afghanistan Group announced privatization of the Jawzjan gas field, Karkar-e Dodkash coal mine in Baghlan, a fluoride mine in Uruzagan, a gold mine in Herat, a precious stones mine in Nuristan, and cement factories in Ghori and Parwan.

Natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper, uranium, gold, silver, chromite, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, zinc, iron ore, salt, precious and semiprecious stone mines. All to a British company with no previous ties to the country. There's a group of retired British officers sitting on their own private island somewhere right now laughing their ass's off. And they're not alone.
Getting back to our buddy Bin Laden for a moment. Who was for the record a C.I.A. agent, put into power much like Saddam Hussein by George Bush Sr. back when he was C.I.A. director(historical documented fact). Why was the vice president in meetings with his brother the morning of 9/11? Why did his families construction companies get all the big contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq? Including much of the construction of the U.S. Embassy compound in Iraq that is almost one and a half times the size of Vatican City? No shit, I'm serious. The fortress-like compound rising beside the Tigris River is the largest of its kind in the world, with the population of a small town, its own defense force, self-contained power and water. A billion dollars of reported tax dollars for that compound alone, TRILLIONS through out Iraq and Afghanistan. Much of which filtered into the pockets of the family of the man our government told us was responsible for us being there in the first place. Not to mention if this guy actually was out to get Americans wouldn't it be just a little silly(and really dangerous) to hire his people to build structures for Americans and their allies? Why wouldn't they just put bombs in the walls and blow everybody to hell 4 months later. They tell us he's responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans and use it to change the constitution and implement wars on foreign soil, then they pay his family to rebuild everything we blew up and gives us a nice cozy(billion dollar) place to lay our head while we occupy someone else's land?
Pardon my language but that's really fucked up.

But wait! It doesn't end there! Not by a long shot!
You think the trillions in government contracts and the billions and trillions to be made raping the natural resources are where the big money's at? Guess again.
Afghanistan's main source of possible wealth is in the drug trade. The nation produces 95% of the world's Opium, most of which is used to produce heroin. All of which is distributed through out the world, initially by the C.I.A. and the the United States military. Believe it. It's true. It's a fact. It's as real as the U.S. soldiers standing guard over the poppy fields and production facilities. It's as real as the pictures of shrink wrapped pallets of money our troops have taken as they load the planes with the illicit currencies. All evidence suggests the US is supporting the Heroin trade, and plays a huge role in the trade itself. Before the American invasion, the US funded the Taliban(yes we used to fund every one we later call enemy) to destroy all the Opium, which of course would make the prices skyrocket. The Taliban successfully eliminated the Opium, but after the US invasion, the production skyrocketed again. For some reason the Taliban can do what a massive NATO military presence can't. This seems highly unlikely. Hamid Karzai's brother is a top drug dealer, who is on the payroll of the CIA, as confirmed by the New York Times. Russia currently has millions of heroin addicts, and the average life expectancy once someone begins to use the drug is only 7 years. Opium has the advantage of besides making you money, hurting whoever you give the drug to. It is a weapon that doesn't cost you money, but instead makes you rich.
And let's not forget, it's an awesome way to keep your own people under your thumb and profit at the same time. The poor wont rise up if they are to damn high to stand up, let alone know what they need to stand up for. The C.I.A. was called out on the importation and distribution of Cocaine and Heroin years ago. The entire dirty business was started by Bush Sr. when he was director of the C.I.A. He instituted the policy of selling drugs to your children to pay for black ops and other "shadow government" activities. In case I didn't make that clear enough for you; GEORGE BUSH SR. IS PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR STARTING THE ACADEMIC OF HEROIN AND COCAINE USE IN THE UNITED STATES.

That's a fact.

But I's so easy to do when everything ties together at some point or another. Bottom line. As far as the Heroin trade goes.......we don't just work the business, we are the business.
So that's it. That's my spew. That's what they don't want you to know but at the same time are to arrogant to completely cover up.

Now I just have two questions for you;

1) Still think we invaded Afghanistan because some guy in cave gave a bunch of other guys a couple dozen box cutters and a good speech?

2) What the fuck happened to our country while we where watching T.V.?


  1. So your a 911 truther?

  2. I wouldn't refer to myself, or the Dog Soldier (who penned this article) as "truthers" in the tinfoil hat sense.

    To answer your question, I can only speak for myself, although I think that the Dog Soldier and I see eye-to-eye on this particular issue and many other things.

    I believe that we do not know the whole story behind the September 11 attacks.

    I believe that there is an overwhelming amount of physical and circumstantial evidence that shows the story we have been given is seriously flawed, and in certain aspects impossible.

    I believe that the explanation of specific events on September 11, 2001 given to us by our government violates the known laws of physics.

    There are hundreds of hours of video footage from the events of that terrible day that would lead most rational human beings to question the story we were given, in addition to physical evidence that still exists.

    I believe the people of the world have been duped by powerful members of the Political/Military/Industrial complex.

    I will be covering this topic in great detail during the coming weeks. I hope you'll read, watch the video I will be sharing, and most importantly ask questions and discuss what you see and read here over that time.

  3. I think the government needs to start telling the truth about the real reason for the US war in Pakistan (and Afghanistan) - namely the deep water port at Gwadar in Pakistan's tribal areas. This, along with the new Iran-Pakistan-China pipeline guarantees China a virtual monopoly on Iran's rich oil and natural gas deposits. I blog about this at

  4. Dr. Bramhall,

    Thank you for informing me about the deep water port at Gwadar. Like most Americans I had no idea this was happening since our mainline news media is so tightly controlled.

    I will certainly research this, and bring it to the Dog Soldier's attention. Look for an article from one (or both) of us in the near future.