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Don't Drink The Water

Misplaced was going to regale you with a "Weekend Wanderings" post for today, then a few hours ago I read some more truth from my West Coast brother, The Dog Soldier.

Read on. Learn a little something.

The richest nations of the world, tend to have very high average IQ's. Some people believe that the high average IQ's cause the nations to become rich. Personally, I would argue it is instead the wealth which causes the high IQ. The richer you are, the more money (and more importantly, time) you can spend on your children, and thus, the better off they are, and the higher their IQ will be.

The two most striking exceptions, however, may be Ireland and the United States. Ireland, whose average I.Q. is listed at 93, had the fourth highest per capita GDP (PPP adjusted) of any country in the world (after tiny Luxembourg, Norway and the United States). The United States, with an average I.Q. of 98, has the third-highest per capita GDP (PPP adjusted), and is by far the most populous of the richest 10 countries. Both of these countries have I.Q. averages considerably below those of countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Germany.

What is interesting to note is that both of these nations share one thing in common. They both have a high rate of water-fluoridation. Seventy-three percent of the people in Ireland are poisoned through their water supply with fluoride. In the United States, sixty percent of the people are exposed to fluoride through their water. In Canada, 45.1% of people have intentionally poisoned water.Their national IQ from the data I cited above is one point lower than the United States, at 97.

Interestingly, water fluoridation seems to be most common, in "former" British colonies.It's the gift that keeps on giving. But let's compare Ireland for amoment to Northern Ireland, still officially part of the UnitedKingdom. Northern Ireland has never had it's water fluoridated, except for two small localities. It has an average IQ of 102.

When we look at Ireland and the United States, we discover that something interesting has happened as well. People in these two nations have pretty much stopped growing since the 50's. People in the United States were once the tallest people on the planet. But something happened during the Eisenhower administration:

"Americans were still growing until the Eisenhower administration and then stopped for two decades, which is odd, given the great improvement in health, in medical technology and given the great improvements in income,"Komlos said. "Despite this, Americans have been surpassed by western European populations."

For the Irish, their growth rate is amongst the lowest as well in the same time period, as shown by this study.

When did water fluoridation begin in the United States? It began in 1951, two years before Eisenhower became president. Who we're or what government I should say, was the first to fluoridate water and why? Ready for this? Nazi Germany. The Nazi's heavily fluoridated the water of their prisoners of war and those placed in concentraion camps. Nazi scientists had discovered that high levels of fluoride cause extreme passivity amongst a host of other side effects.

Scientists in China looked at children exposed to natural fluoride. They found that children exposed to high levels of fluoride, which was shown by dental fluorosis, were shorter than those exposed to lower levels.

"Blacks" have more dental fluorosis than "whites" in the United States. Blacks are also, on the average, according to statistics, in a lower income bracket than the average white citizens. And therefore more likely to drink tap water. Dental fluorosis is evidence of severe fluoride poisoning, and the study found that is is become more common. Interestingly enough, despite the higher fluorosis, the tooth decay rate was higher amongst black people as well, in other words, the supposed effects of fluoride on tooth decay are doubtful. As for my earlier statements about the long term effects of fluoride on a populations height, black women in the US, are even shorter now than they used to be, they have literally shrunk.

How about IQ? Study after study finds that Fluoride lowers your IQ. Thus it would explain why people in such wealthy countries as Ireland and the US have such low IQ scores.

John Holdren, Obama's science adviser, wrote a book about the need to put sterilizing chemicals in the water,to prevent overpopulation. Of course Democrats tend to ignore this, or pretend that this is funny if someone raises the alarm bell over it. Holdren doesn't feel the need to repudiate these ideas either.

But, Holdren probably did not know, that at the time he wrote this book, sterilizing chemicals were already added to the water supply. Water fluoridation is a highly effective method of population control. Fluoridated water lowers sperm counts in rats at levels comparable to what humans are exposed to.

Humans are amongst the least fertile species on the planet. Only the Gorilla has a lower sperm count than human males. This is why any study showing that a chemical causes infertility in men should be reason for concern, and that is just what fluoride does. Studies comparing areas in the US exposed to high fluoride with similar areas with low levels of fluoride in the water find that people here have less children in highly fluoridated areas.

This isn't evidence however that fluoride is added directly for the purpose of sterilizing people. This is because fluoride happens to damage every gland in the body. It makes as much sense to say that fluoride is added to damage the reproductive organs as to say it is added to the water to damage the brain, the kidneys, the bones, the immune system, or the pineal gland, because all these parts of the body are poisoned by fluoride. What is happening is utterly insane.

If you are exposed to fluoride, you might want to take preventative measures. If you have children, you might want to protect them against this, to prevent them from growing up to become the stunted being that you are today. A healthy body is your greatest asset. Would you ever trade your healthy brain for one plagued with Alzheimer's disease (which is causedby fluoride exposure), in exchange for a billion dollars? No sane person would. A healthy body is more important than any material possessions could ever be. Every drop in the stock market happening today pales in significance to the destruction of your greatest asset, your own body.
Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem.

The first step is to avoid anything that has fluoride added to it. The second is to buy a fluoride filter for your house. Both of these steps should be obvious to anyone. However, the third may not be so obvious. After you have eliminated these sources of fluoride exposure, you are still exposed through your food. This is because plants absorb fluoride. Nature detoxifies the fluoride in our water by turning it into the less harmful form known as calcium fluoride, but exposure to this poison is still responsible for a lowered IQ, as studies in China have shown.

The vitamin that protects your body against the effects of fluoride is Vitamin C. In rats exposed to fluoride, administration of Vitamin C aided in recovery of all parameters. Take high doses, of Vitamin C, at least a full gram a day. Take the vitamin C throughout the day, not all at once, because your body does not efficiently absorb it in that case. Also, take the vitamin C with bioflavonoids, or with Aloe vera, and do not take it on an empty stomach. Both Aloe Vera andbioflavonoids help increase the amount of vitamin C absorbed.

Taking the vitamin C with a glass of orange juice also helps increase the amount that is absorbed because orange juice contains bioflavonoids. I urge you to study this issue for yourself.

The addition of fluoride to the water in many countries shows that something is terribly wrong with the governments around the world. The government could add various vitamins and minerals to the water that humans can safely take and would greatly help with our health. Instead, what is added is a terrible poison, and nothing is done to protect people against it. The addition of fluoride compounds to the water, confirms what conspiracy theorists around the planet have said for decades. That governments today do not serve the interest of the general population. Of course this should not come as a surprise, because throughout history, governments have served the interest of a tiny elite. Only in recent history have people become so stupid that they actually believe their government serves their interest. Some actually believe that they cast a vote on a ballot and matters. Some believe the president runs the country.

Some believe every thing is just fine in the Gulf of Mexico. Some believe we should all welcome the tides of illegals that are going to destroy the infrastructure of the American work force and increase the ever expanding gap between the poor and the wealthy, elliminating the middle class. Still others believe Muslims are all terrorists. There are even those that think jet fuel caused those towers to fall.

To all of you I have just one thing to say:

Don't drink the water.
Copyright 2010 - Paul Markham - All Rights Reserved

What my brother didn't mention is that fluoride is also used in the manufacture of Prozac (!) and is an ingredient in Sarin gas as well... Sometimes the truth can be pretty fucking scary, huh? Think about that the next time you turn on the tap for a glass of that "clean", "safe" water.

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