Monday, January 25, 2010

International Friendship Monday

Since Misplaced was no-go with Friday's blog, and hasn't been able to come up with anything intelligent for today's, I have decided to teach you, my dear readers the useful skill of being able to say "Fuck You" to people all over the world... since you never know when you may have to tell someone that don't talk English good exactly what you think of them.

Fuck You Around The World:

Israel: Lech Tiezdayen

Nepal: Chikne

Syria: Selinokh

Slovakia: Pojeb Sa

Albania: Te Qifsha

Estonia: Kai Persse

India: Chodela

Serbia: Jembem Ti

Kurdistan: Mit Kuze Ta Na

Finland: Haista Vittu

Norway: Faen Ta Deg

Sweden: Javla, or more formally (?!?) Knulla Dig

Vietnam: Cai Deo Gi Day

China: Cao Ni

Ireland: Bualadh Craicinn

Italy: Vaffanculo

Hungary: Baszd Meg

Austria: Putz Di

Macedonia: Da Ti Fukne Konj

Malaysia: Yet Meh

Phillipines: Putang Ina

Kazakhstan: Men Seni Sikkim Keledi

Croatia: Jebiga

Armenia: Kunats Kez

Romania: Sa Te Fut

Samoa: Kefe

Poland: Pierdol Sie

Czech Republic: Zkurvysyn

Latvia: Ej Dirst

Lithuania: Pisti

Ukraine: Pishov Na Khuj

Iceland: Riddu Ter

If you don't see the country of your ancestors listed, feel free to drop Misplaced a line and ask... odds are I can find it for you.

Yeah, I TOTALLY mailed this entry in.

For those who have a problem with that, Dorme Mecum! (Latin)

See you tomorrow.


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  2. Hungarian: Kurd

    Thanks for the others. This is going to be handy!

  3. If I ever go to one the countries and that is the first word I use then I guess I am going to have to make sure my organ donar card comes with a translation too.

  4. But how do you say "Attitude Check"?

  5. You forgot...

    England: Piss off, ya silly twit!
    Ireland: May the hounds of hell destroy your underwear!
    Chicago: Bite me, asshole!